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Replacing headset bearings?

T-mtb-7T-mtb-7 Posts: 5
edited September 2012 in The workshop
I need to replace my cheap, factory non-sealed headset bearings. However when I go to the bike shop I have been given some sealed bearings that I am told will fit. I have done this twice and the bearings just seem too big?
I have an intergrated headset so its easier to replace the bearings, but do sealed ones not generally just slide into place like my old ones do?
My old bearings just pop in and out reasonably easy, because I am trying different bearings do I need a smaller size? It seems to be that the ones I keep buying are wider (outer diameter) and so I am not sure whether I just need to use a bit of force but it doesn't look like these sealed bearings are anywhere near.

Are sealed bearings typically wider than ball-bearing ones? Should they just pop in easily or do they need a headset clamp to fit them?

Sorry, its a bit of a long explanation!

Thanks for your help!


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