Suntour fork service

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Hi all,

The missus bike (why is it always hers that has a problem and not mine! :? ) has Suntour NEX 4610 63mm travel, MLO (mechincal lock out) forks which are stuck locked out.

The suntour site has a guide for adjusting forks that are unable to be locked but I have the other problem. I've had a look at the workshop guide and to be honest i'd rather not have a go at it myself as I don't trust myself to take them apart realign/replace bits and put it all back together with any particular quality of workmanship or with any haste as she needs her bike for commuting.

Is this a job for the LBS or would they meerly ship them off to Suntour HQ for servicing? (Is this likely to be expensive?!) Do I just need to MTFU and give it a go and pray to the fork servicing gods it works out alright?

Thoughts and comments all welcome, cheers.
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