Asthma and Diet

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Hi all, with endurance based sports there is a very high prevalence of asthma and exercise induced asthma. Wondering if anyone out there suffers and would be interested in volunteering for some research studies. Recently there has been an increase in evidence that the management of exercise induced asthma could be improved through the diet.

I am a PhD student and am currently investigating the use of novel dietary manipulation on exercise induced asthma. I am looking for volunteers with exercise induced asthma, or suspected exercise induced asthma to take part in some novel research that is being conducted at Nottingham Trent University.

Who can take part? – Physically active men (training 3-4 hours a week) aged 18-45, who get wheezy and tight chested during exercise or on the cessation of exercise and/or have asthma. (Apologies but due to hormonal changes and the menstrual cycle which can influence asthma symptoms we cannot accept females at this stage of the research - although hope to in the future; and our human ethical constraints only allow us to have volunteers aged between 18-45).

What will you get out of it? – The study will involve an initial assessment to establish the level of your exercise induced asthma (it is commonly misdiagnosed!), provide free fitness testing, and potentially reduce your asthma symptoms. You will be required to attend the lab pre and post the dietary interventions so that assessments on your lung function and exercise induced asthma can be made.

No prior medical diagnosis of asthma is required to volunteer for the study. If the tests reveal that you have previously undiagnosed airway inflammation that deserves medical attention you will be provided with a report of your tests results and your GP notified.

Next Step - If you would like more information please contact
Mr Neil Williams:, 0115 8483820 or
Dr Michael Johnsons:

This study has been approved by Nottingham Trent University’s Ethics Committee

Many Thanks, I look forward to hearing from some of you

Neil Williams
Sport, Health and Performance Enhancement (SHAPE) Research Group
School of Science and Technology, Clifton
Nottingham Trent University