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I need new tyres

aphill24aphill24 Posts: 21
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Hi, I need to buy my first replacement tyres for my trek 2.1c I am a commuter and ride around 30/40 mile rides on the weekend which are hilly if that makes any difference to what I need. My priority is not price but rather a tyre that will give me good grip in all weathers and that is not prone to a puncture. I have been lucky with my originals which have covered 2k miles without a problem ( bontrager ) Would Michelin pro 4 endurance suit my needs ?


  • GrillGrill Posts: 5,610
    I'm a big fan of the Pro 4 line. Puncture wise my Service Course have been fine (except for a nail in the sidewall, but that'll kill any tyre). Conto GP4000S are also worth a look.
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  • Like Grill says, my Michelin Pro 4 Service Course tyres have been fine and have managed several hundred miles without any punctures.
    If you order from Ribble you may get a free pair of Lithion 2 tyres aswell, although mine havent arrived yet. :D
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  • Each rider has his or her favourite tires; I have not seen a bad word against Michelin pro 4, not my choice but a good tire by all accounts.
  • CalpolCalpol Posts: 1,039
    Commuting - how about Continental gatorskins. Roll pretty fast, comes in 25mm also and good puncture resistance.
  • EKIMIKEEKIMIKE Posts: 2,232
    Can't believe people are suggesting a race tire for commuting (even if the OP suggested them!). Something like Calpol is suggesting - Gatorskins, Krylions, Rubino Pro IIIs, Duranos. You're wasting your money with race tires on an all weather commute. They won't last long at all.
  • I suggested the Michelins as they are described as endurance which I took for longevity and not a race tyre.? I have seen them on offer and its always nice to think your saving money and getting quality at the same time. I do not want an out and out race tyre and just thought id ask for need for the exclamation mark either as I am new to cycling and didnt think I was buying race tyres.
  • OP is absolutely right - the Pro4 Endurance is the replacement for the old Krylion Carbon and as such has pretty good puncture resistance. FWIW, I ran my last set of Krylions to over 6000km with just a couple of ***ctures.

    The Pro4 Endurance seem to roll a little better than the Krylions and I've had no issues with them over the last 1500km or so (but thats on rural roads, not an urban commute). IMHO, they're excellent tyres (I run 25s for added comfort, BTW) and I've no desire to use anything else for the foreseeable future.
  • Vittoria zaffiro wire bead tyres, bullet and bombproof, high tyre pressure and good in the wet. I have alays commuted on these. Very cheap too. :D
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  • t4tomot4tomo Posts: 2,643
    My priority is not price but rather a tyre that will give me good grip in all weathers and that is not prone to a puncture.
    Conti 4seasons fits that bill
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  • gp4000s , excellent tyre , grippy in the wet , no p******e as yet , good life span and come in 23 or 25 depending on which you prefer , can run them up to a high pressure for drier days.

    worth shopping around for re price but the ribble deal with getting another set of tyres looks good value as well for bang for buck.
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