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Night time coast to coast in Scotland

the_spooksthe_spooks Posts: 190
edited October 2012 in Tour & expedition
Unsure why, but I really fancy trying to do a nighttime C2C from maybe St Andrews to Oban , still very sketchy at the moment but curious what the roads are like (as in suitability) for cycling through the night with a few support vehicles and maybe 5-10 riders? Anyone tried doing this kinda thing around that area?


  • For a start, I'd be going Oban to St A. Prevailing winds and all that.
    You've no won the Big Cup since 1902!
  • DrumlinDrumlin Posts: 120
    My experience of cycling at night is that it's no big deal so long as you've got decent lights and ride at a speed determined by how far you can see with them. I have one on the bars to show what's immediately in front and another on my helmet to pick up the peripheral stuff, also good for consulting the map and dealing with punctures etc. And it's nice to know that if either one of them packs up then I'm still ok to keep going, albeit a bit slower.
    The only other issue I can think of is the lack of places open for refreshments in the middle of the night. But I guess if you've got support cars you won't be bothered about that.
    Would welcome company for Sat rides west/south of Edinburgh, up to 3 hrs, 16mph ish. Please PM me if interested/able to help.
  • Thecrofter, agreed that prevailing winds are from West to east so I will more than likely do it in that direction.
    Drumlin, need to think about lights very carefully so that they last the entire time through the night and as you say the refreshment side would be sorted with the support.
    Spoke to a few mates and they sound interested but unsure of through the night so this maybe another idea that never takes off......
  • Redhog14Redhog14 Posts: 1,377
    Why would you want to do it at night when you can't relieve the boredom with the views?
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