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SRAM Force or Ultegra Di2 opinions please!

Hartlepool186Hartlepool186 Posts: 6
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Im just one decision away from finally getting to the end of the search for my upgrade bike for 2013.
I have been riding a Wilier escape with Campag veloce for the last 2 years and have decided to upgrade to
a 2013 Focus Izalco pro but the frameset has 2 options either the 2.0 with Ultegra Di2 £2650.00 or the cheaper option of the 3.0 with SRAM Force £2100. The framsets are the same so the difference is the cost of the Di2.

As i have no experience with Sram Force or Di2, is the price increase going to really increase a riding experience or is it just a way or being flash but detaching yourself from the bike and all the mechanical lovelyness. Is SRAM Force an equally crisp shift but without being lazy and pressing a button.

Anyone with SRAM Force and/or Ultegra Di2 experience please post your hands on judgement on the groupsets

regards martin


  • Well good luck with this, the chances of finding someone with both groupsets is low, those who have one or the other will pronounce their choice the best. Worse still will be the fanboys of either Shimano or SRAM without experience of either groupset. As a Shimano fanboy I'll go with, er, Shimano :wink:
  • Di2 is electric. ELECTRIC!

    No cables! Black magic censored !

    So get that.
  • I've used both, personally I love the way the Di2 stuff shifts. But I prefer the ergonomics of SRAM, so I my opinion force would be the way to go.

    That said, see if you can go to a high end road shop and try a bike with both.
  • dawebbodawebbo Posts: 456
    Canyon Aeroad cf 8.0 di2 £2345.39 = win (assuming you like the geometry...)
  • jonomc4jonomc4 Posts: 891
    Although I have a bike with Force and I love that groupset (but prefer the Red Chainset) I would go with Di2 - though you can get a force groupset for a lot less than Ultegra Di2
  • BozmanBozman Posts: 2,518
    I'm a Shimano man but i'd go with Force, the Di2 looks awful, hopefully the next gen will look better because at the moment it looks like a prototype that someone's knocked together in their garage.
  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    I've SRAM Force and Ultegra on some of my bikes - but not the Di2 - and I'd go down the Ultegra route.
  • i have Ultegra Di2 and its very good cant comment on the sram force but a few friends have it and say they like it
    but prefer mine when they have had a go with it
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  • jonomc4jonomc4 Posts: 891
    I prefer the force chainset and the weight of the groupset - but I have tried the Di2 for a bit and was very impressed - but then again I have a dodgy left hand and changing up the big ring at the front is always difficult for me.
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