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Shifting quality

yeachan153yeachan153 Posts: 401
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I've heard upgrading shifters improve shifting quality most.

As I recently purchased a pair of Ultegra shifters to replace 2300 shifters, I was wondering how much shifting quality was down to the chain and cassette. For example, if I got a 105 chain and a ten speed Tiagra cassette by how much would that affect shifting quality if instead I had got an Ultegra chain and cassette? ? Or is it just a higher weight?

And if you had to choose, would you get a higher grade of chain or a higher grade of cassette?


  • i got an ultegra uni directional chain and ultegra cassette and I cant see any difference from other set ups i've had except the cassette is considerably lighter that a tiagra one I swapped.

    If I had a choice I'd go for a lighter cassette over a chain.
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