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outer gear cable casing cup/stop

howardlhowardl Posts: 3
edited September 2012 in The workshop
I have a 3month old bike and been down to the dealer with my problem,
they are phoning the main distributor so the problem is in hand,
The problem is , one of the cups (dunno the right term) that stops/holds the outer casing for the gears (under the frame) has snapped off,
Has anyone heard of this happening before? my dealer said he's never know it to happen before , he's been in the business for years,
Do you reckon it'll be a new frame?


  • t4tomot4tomo Posts: 2,643
    sounds more like rebrazeing it on and repainting.
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  • Oh!!.. it's aluminum, forgot to say. :oops:

    Anyway,my dealer contacted the supplier, it's probably on it's way back to MK for them assess :wink:
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