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Worth self building?

tommyfelttommyfelt Posts: 90
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Over the past 2 years i've made a few upgrades to my current bike, however I've kept the parts. In the garage i have:
- Mavic CXP22 wheelset
- Microshift Shifters
- 105 Cassette
- Set of brake callipers
- A saddle

I'm now looking at getting a winter bike, with these parts am i better of self building a bike or will i still get more bike for my money by buying a complete bike? I'm looking at spending around £400, ideally carbon forked with a 10speed setup so i can use my current shifters and cassette.

Thanks for your help


  • topdudetopdude Posts: 1,557
    Buy the parts you need second hand and build it yourself, loads of good stuff for sale in the forum classifieds all the time.
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  • I don't think you ever get more for your money buying a full bke. There's always some compromise, for £400 you can get a reasonable bike but it will have very cheap wheels, tyres, seat, handlebars etc which you will want to, or have to, upgrade very soon. Admittedly some components are more expensive when bought individually when compared to the price the manufacturers will pay when putting a bike together, but like the previous poster said careful second hand selection will pay off. There are always lots of rich people buing £3000 bikes and selling of the bits they dont want!
    Maybe look at the chinese carbon frame route. It worked for me. I reckon i've got the equivalent of a £1200-1500 bike for £600.
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