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One for the Peel fans

Cleat EastwoodCleat Eastwood Posts: 7,508
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Theres a manchester all dayer called Un-Peeled at the end of october - emma pollock - ex delgados, yeah yeah noh (putting the fun back into being pretentious :D ), possibly the young marble giants - and sadly most likely John Robb :D

And some one has uploaded 444 peel shows to soundcloud - 67 up to 2004.

I would have a been a brain surgeon if it wasnt for peel :D
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  • I saw him once many years ago over here during the TT in Peel of all places. It was long before I moved over here and he was having fish and chips with Andy Kershaw. Move forward many years and I now live in Peel and Andy Kershaw was also living here until recently.

    He used to walk his dog on the beach and my dalmatian (Domino) who is a bit of a poncy bummer would go and play with his dog in an Oliver Reed and Alan Bates kind of way. Andy Kershaw would say in his git Northern way "It's all a bit too Greco-Roman for me" then call his dog away before it was fully sodomised.

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