Mio Cyclo 305 or other cycle navs

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Hi Guys,

Firstly I am new to the site & this is my first post so I hope I have placed my subject in the correct area.

Been rerading the forum for a few weeks & there is certainly a lot of knowledge out there so thought I'd give this a go.

Been cycling now for about 3 years, got into it as a replacement for Sunday morning football, couldnt be doing with the fighting, knee high challanges & mud bath pitches any longer. I'd consider myself & group of friends (4 of us) able weekend riders but looking to join a club early next year.

Anyhow, as I'm also a massive MotoGP fan & its the big 30 next year I'm looking to cycle to 3 races next year LeMans, Assen & finally Valencia... both for a bit of charitiy & some personal achievement.

I am very close to purchasing the Mio Cyclo 305 as it has the European map function, looks easy & simple to use.

Does anyone have this & like/dislike, is there another model I should be looking at that is better/cheaper etc...

Any advice would be much appreciated & if there's any other MotoGP fans that fancy a cycle to a circuit by all means let me know.