Gatorskins - side wall unravelling!

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A couple of weeks ago I discovered that the side wall of my rear Gatorskin (700/23 non-folding) was gradually unravelling. By this I mean that several threads around the circumference of the sidewall just below the orangy, criss-cross pattern bit had come detached and had wrapped around part of my brake pad. The tyre I estimate has done about 2,000 miles and as it had become a bit squared off I decided to change it (for another Gatorskin which I already had in reserve). In all other respects the tyre seemed fine, no bulges etc.
Today, doing a bit of bike maintenance I see that my front Gatorskin is doing the same. This will be the same mileage as the rear was. Again, no other problems.... tempting fate but no p*******s on either front or rear.

Anyone else had the same?
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  • My Gatorskin tyres do the same - apparently this is normal and nothing to worry about. I just cut off the threads when they appear. I have found a few threads wrapped round the freehub body - its worth a look if this has happened but it does involve removing the cassette.
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    Gatorskins are absolutely awful tyres. I had 3 tyres have a sidewall burst in 2 months, never had it before or since. GP4000s are the best tyres I've ever had.

    Edit: And gatorskins are sketchy in the wet.
  • Can't say I've ever had a problem with Gatorskins - in fact I've managed several thousand miles without a puncture until recently when I had a pinch flat due to an encounter with a massive rock. The wet grip is ok too.
  • My Gatorskins are about a year old and have been fine so far
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  • Gators a a fine tyre for the price. GP400os is a better tyre but is more expensive. I suppose you get what you pay for. I run both. Gators in the winter GP400s in the summer/dryer weather.

    GP4000s is about 50% more than a gatorskin. -wheel building and other stuff.
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    I've had the same with my Schwalbe Ultremo DDs. I've put it down to damage from the rims when rolling to a stop on punctures. I've been keeping an eye on them, but it doesn't seem to be deteriorating.
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    I have this problem with Schwalbe Durano S and NOT on my Gator Hardshells which have done 5 times the miles. Neither have had punctures so that is not the issue.

    Seems it's a 'pot luck' thing.
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    Thanks for the comments. Mixed experiences it seems. Other than this potential problem I've been pleased with the Gatorskins. As I originally said... no p*******s with them at all, so not run flat at all, no signs of damage to the sidewalls (except this unravelling). I guess my only concern is whether the unravelling has weakened the sidewalls as I'd rather avoid any bulges/blowouts.
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