Womens DH jerseys - sizing

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What do all you girls wear when riding DH? The women's jerseys available are few and far between, and the two I have aren't big enough to go over my body armour :cry:

Do you just wear men's stuff?

I don't necessarily want pink to show that I'm a girl, but the men's jerseys are very boyish, I'm struggling to find a suitable one to buy.

What brands do you go for?
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  • kathg
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    Hi Kaz,

    I wear Loeka XL freeride shirts wich fit over my body armor, but go for the 3/4 length sleeves or they are a bit tight over elbow pads. Failing that, blokes ones are fine! Also Loeka DH shorts are the biz but I wear blokes DH trousers as the girl specific ones were low rise.. can you believe it!! Chain Reaction are selling stuff off cheap at the moment.

  • miss notax
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    I wear Alpinestar Stella ladies specific DH tops - quite pricey but they fit nicely. And they're pink 8)

    I am quite petite and blokes ones just don't fit me - the arms are ridiculously long and the tops come down to my knees :oops:

    I was thinking of selling a couple of my Alpinestar DH tops in a medium (I am a size 8 but I needed a medium to fit over body armour), both literally only worn once. PM me if you're interested :D
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  • Kaz_S
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    Hi both

    Thanks for your replies, I've heard of Loeka before, I read an article about them releasing some womens fit jerseys - I'll have a look.

    Miss Notax, I'll send you a PM now - very interested!
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  • I always take alook on chain reaction womens as well as the mens.
  • glamor
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    But if you are cycling then you don't fell to need any jersey because the trumpeter of your body bosst up while you are traveling.
  • Errrrm, not sure if "the trumpeter of my body" gets bosst up :roll: