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purbeck hill-a-saurus

bigad28bigad28 Posts: 49
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Hi I'm considering entering the purbeck hill-a-saurus 25 miler in November my aim is to finish within a good time and I'm after a bit of advice from you in the know.
I have riden 3/4 of the course and made it up the hills! and I'm far from a climber! id like to enter something like this before I emigrate in march.
Bit of training advice and drink/food advice for the day.
I'm 34, 85kgs but quite fit I ride around 3 to four times a week on local off road stuff usually 8-13 miles try to do a larger 15-20 mile ride once or twice a month, play football for hour once a week and surf when ever there is any which aint often(I live on the south coast). furthest I've ridden is 36 miles but with a few stops as weighting for slower people.
Anything more I can do or change? I don't have access or funds for a road bike unfortunately.
As for fluids on rides I currently use high 5 zero and or the caffeine one plus water on rides and carry a couple of gels and granola type bars.


  • Also thinking about this one after the falling leaves in October.... would love any feedback on it.

    My prep is similar, although I'm putting in some 40 milers in prep for October. Starting to use Shot Bloks chews rather than gels/bars as I find them easier to down. But I'm also on High-5 in the backpack for fluids.
  • miss notaxmiss notax Posts: 2,572
    Hello :D

    I'm doing both of these - i've done the falling leaves ride before but not the purbeck one, looking forward to it though! Gel packs are your friend on rides like these :D
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  • hey, cheers for the replies. I'm defo doing it now! although the training isn't going as planned!
  • bigad28 wrote:
    hey, cheers for the replies. I'm defo doing it now! although the training isn't going as planned!

    I'm booked in as well...

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