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Can anyone give an opinion on these tyres. I will be doing a 110 mile ride soon and want some good quality tyres with puncture protection, but not at the expense of losing too much rolling resistance. They will be going on my Focus Variado 1.0.

I think I have narrowed it down to these 2 but any other suggestions would be appreciated, ... road-tyre/ ... road-tyre/


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    Myself and many others on here are fans of Continental GP4000s tyres. They grip well, roll well and you rarely if ever get a puncture during the life of the tyre. They're not cheap but well worth paying extra for.
  • They are both excellent tyres. Faced with a similar requirement I followed good advice on another thread here and got some Vittoria Rubino Pro's only 17 quid each and highly spoken of, good TPI, puncture resistance and roll very well.
    Time will tell but hopefully I'll have a very good experience of them like others here! :D
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    I've just put Schwalbe Ultremo ZX HD tyres on my bike, they're brilliant tyres ! Great road feel, grip, rolling resistance, and so far p******e resistance. Went for a ride on Sunday on some seldome used lanes, covered in a LOT of chippings etc, and I was fully expecting a flat, but te tyres performers faultlessly. I checked them for cuts this evening and they're fine.

    My mate has a Gatorskin on the back of his bike at the moment, I reckon you cold ride over crushed glass on it, but it feels a bit rigid to me.
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  • Gatorskins have been good for me.
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  • GP4000's, gatorskins have good puncture protection but as a compromise between rolling resistance and puncture 'proofness' I would choose the 4000's.
  • Ive just ordered 2x sets of the gp4000s from

    £25 per tyre.

    Thanks EURO financial crisis for the strong sterling against the euro!!

    I've got Schwalbe r1's on my bike at the mo. Having always ridden the Conti's I tried the Schwalbe's as they were brand new and free.

    Won't be riding anything else now but the Conti's.
  • Another vote for schwalbe ultremo zx's. Covered a few hundred miles on mine and they've got so much grippppppp!
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    Had a terrible time with GP4000's 6 punctures in a month. Now rolling on Bontrager RaceLite Hardcase
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    Ive just ordered 2x sets of the gp4000s from

    It's worth getting these four at a time for when the sidewalls go :)

    OP: Gatorskins are heavy, (very)puncture resistant training tyres, The Ultremo DD is a lightweight race tyre with a bit of extra protection.
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    sjmclean wrote:
    Had a terrible time with GP4000's 6 punctures in a month. Now rolling on Bontrager RaceLite Hardcase

    That's unfortunate, I managed at least 1200 miles before getting a flat with the conti's