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upgrade to Shimano’s R500 wheels

simon190675simon190675 Posts: 7
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I have currently purchased a Colnago Primavera from a friend , and am thinking of upgrading the R500 wheels that came with it.

I am going to be using it for duathlons and hopefully in the future triathlons.

Would i see any benefit from upgrading to Shimano RS30's? or is there something better i should consider?

My budget is sub £100, so looking at second hand.




  • You might, but starting with 100 pounds for a second hand set of wheels, which will probably be budget wheels anyway... I don't know... I would keep them and maybe after the winter, comes April, with a bit more money and bit more experience, I would look for a proper upgrade
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  • Thanks for quick response.

    What sort of price should i be looking at to see some difference. The bike only cost me £100 so don't want to necessarily spend a fortune.


  • richhrichh Posts: 187
    I've got R500's and am also looking for a possible upgrade. From what I can work out it doesn't seem to be worth "upgrading" unless you are looking at something like the RS80s or above which is really where you'll see significant saving in weight and increases in stiffness. RS30s do look nice and would be more aero but if I remember correctly might actually be heavier than the R500s you've already got! If you're doing TT's maybe that's the way to go, but I personally would save up a bit more cash first (to give you around £300 or so to spend). Handbuilt wheels at that price point would be a great step up although I'm still yet to work out what the best mix of components would be.

    Nice choice on the Primavera by the way. I tested one and loved it. For £100 that's a bargain! A much under-rated bike IMO.
  • Can you buy a Colnago for 100 quid these days?
    Is it a scale 1:20 replica?
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  • deswellerdesweller Posts: 5,175
    Blimey...I wish I had mates like yours! That's a lot of bike for £100!
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