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Horizontal drop outs and disc brakes

godders1godders1 Posts: 750
edited September 2012 in The workshop
The chain on my pompetamine was looking a bit saggy so I pulled the wheel back slightly to take out the slack but this means the disc rotor has been pulled a small way out of the brake calliper. There’s still a good 4/5ths of brake pad on rotor but is there likely to be any issue with this? It felt OK on the ride to work this morning.

I guess the chain might have worn a bit hence the need to increase tension but replacing a static chain seems like overkill at this stage (it’s probably only done about 2k miles).


  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,810
    The only horizonal dropout bike frame I've worked on with discs (a Scott) had slotted disc tabs so you could align the calliper with the disc location, have on-one neglected that or have you not spotted it?

    If they haven't thought of that, you could still loosen all the mountings and move it all back, may gain an mm or two.
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  • Sorry, I'm struggling to understand what you mean by "slotted disc tabs". Are these a feature of the rotor or the caliper?

    On inspection the mounting doesn't look like it will allow for any adjustment of the caliper position.

    The brakes are Avid BB7, a decent pic of the mounting from google images:

  • Oh you mean slotted disc tags like this? :oops:


    I'm such a censored sometimes. facepalm.gif
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