oil, grease, lubricant confusion!

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Hi, I am looking for some help determing what I should use (i.e. what type of grease, oil or another lubricant) for the following purposes.

1. Attaching cleats to my cycling shoes.

2. Attached pedals to the crank arms.

In general I am a little confused about the different types of lubricants which one can use. If someone has a good link which explains the difference I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks


  • nicklouse
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    an anti sieze for both.

    both do not need any lubricant as they dont move.
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    And for the anti seize I would use Copperslip (sp) from your motor accessory shop. Short of using that I would use a smear of grease as that alone will keep the water out, and so reduce the likelihood of seizing.
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