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Looking the part.

wellbeloved747wellbeloved747 Posts: 406
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Now I have finished upgrading my bike it is time my wardrobe got an upgrade.
I have alway worn plain black shorts and the traditional bike top. I now want a team kit because to be honest every one looks better in a team kit. I am not to bothered in what team it is as long as it has a bit of colour to it and a few sponsors. So does anyone know when're I can get a full kit top, bibbed shorts, leg and arm warmers, gloves and shoe covers. For as cheap as possible I mean like under £100 if possible and better even cheaper?

Any websites would be helpfull


  • look at wiggle or evans, i think there doing some sales on there stuff at the moment, worth a check all the same :)
  • Stick with black bib shorts and knee/leg warmers, then plain arm warmers in muted colours. Much better look than the full team kit imo.

    One or two of the team jerseys are decent though and, as the previous poster pointed out, deals are available on 2012 kit at the moment. Picked up the Quickstep jersey for under 40 notes from Wiggle this week - good looking design, though quality remains to be seen...
  • BarteosBarteos Posts: 657 be honest every one looks better in a team kit...

    Very debatable :wink:
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