Putting hybrid wheels on a 700c frame?

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Hi guys,
I'm looking at putting together a cheap(ish) hybrid bike to use mainly for commuting.
I've seen a good value Diamondback DBR Pursuit frame with all parts except wheels.
The standard wheels that come on the built bike are 700C, would it be feasible to put hybrid wheels onto this frame, and if so what sort of size should they be?


  • nicklouse
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    As long as the rims are not 26" and the rear is standard 130mm OLD. You should not have any isuses oh and if the frame is wide enough to take the tyres.

    Most hybrids have 700c rims anyway.
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    The DBR Pursuit is a road bike with a rear axle width of 130mm.
    Hybrids use the MTB std axle width 135mm.

    The frame has mudguard clearance so could use 28mm tyres (possibly 32mm) but probably not a wider hybrid tyre. Most hybrid rims are too wide, you need a training grade/light-touring road rim
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    What is a Hybrid wheel anyway, some are 26", some are 700c, some are disc, some rim braked.....many are 135mm, some are 130mm......so yes you can fit SOME hybrid, others not. You'd need a 700c rim braked wheel of 130mm ONLY .....erm which is what it had on it to start with!

    Be warned, bikes with drops run shorter top tubes very often than those with flats, so you may find it's a bit short when running flat bars, better off with a Hybrid or MTB frame if you want to run flat bars.
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