unbilical hernia

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just been to the doctors and been told i have a unbilical hernia, is it safe to still ride or should i rest till i get if fixed? i have to wait a few more days till i can see the doctor again to find out and ask to see a specialist.


  • jonesy99 wrote:
    just been to the doctors
    You maybe should have asked the doc?
    If you're not sure, don't risk it until you've asked a medical professional, not us mongs on a bike site.
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    Depends on the size and location and type and... better ask 'cos we don't wanna see pictures.
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    no expert

    i had an inguinal hernia fixed last Oct. At the first appt he GP said that i prob wouldn't make it any worse by continuing to exercise (given that i estimate i'd had it for nearly 3 years by then), BUT the thing to consider are the complications should you make it worse. For mine it would have meant a strangulated intestine, which is no laughing matter.

    have you been referred yet ? ask at that appt
  • im seeing my doctor again on monday, ill ask then. its only small at the momment but i want it sorting out asap. i can really feel it when i sneeze or cough
  • Never caused me any harm and mine was the size of a mars bar cut in half. It eventually got a bit bigger and more sore but nothing major. Had one done on the NHS 16 week wait from seeing my gp to being operated on. Cycling will probably help as i was told to cycle alot post op when i wasnt sore got back on the bike 6 weeks post op and its built the strength up in that area.

    Try to hold the area when coughing or sneezing as i didnt and it made the tear worse.
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    Try to hold the area when coughing or sneezing as i didnt and it made the tear worse.

    +1 that is excellent advice, as it will get larger and start to poke out of the belly button and you really need to hold it in with your fingers when you feel like a cough or sneeze coming on.

    The sooner you can get it operated on the better as it will just keep growing in size and getting more painful.