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French Alps and surrounding area - Routes, resorts...

Ezy_AlpesEzy_Alpes Posts: 11
edited September 2012 in Holidays
Hi everyone

My first post on here and I was hoping to get some advice about routes, resorts and English guides for the French Alps and the surrounding area. I'm planning on going to some of the better known places, and the ski resorts I know e.g. Les Deux Alpes, etc. But I'd really like to hear peoples experience, rather than just go to all the ski resorts i know and hope for the best.

I've recently moved down to Lyon and want to take advantage of all the great riding around here. I'm into XC, DH and open to any other suggestions of good places in the area.

I've just bought a Canyon Nerve AM 9.0 CH and want to give it a run out, I was thinking that if I got into any more hardcore DH then I might rent a bike in the future.

My French isn't so good, and most of the guides I have found are only in French. Sure over time I'll improve and I am planning on joining a VTT club. But in the mean time any English info, etc would be much appreciated.

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