riders near durham tour of britain sportive

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Hi All does anyone know who or want was the big group of riders coming through Lanchester near Durham this morning ?
As one of them passed me he said they were doing 760 miles..........


  • They could have been the same one's I saw this morning, didn't think anything of it at the time but now you mention it. .. I was in between a couple of groups, half a dozen a piece, coming out of Waterhouses heading towards Crook. I didn't get a chance to chat to any of them so I'm not sure what it was for. Good on them if they're doing 760 miles though! Nice day for a ride today wasn't it?
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    It was they looked like they had matching tops on couldn t catch what it said but there seemed quite a few maybe 20. It was lovely today. Unfortunately i was sat by the car around the corner from a job watching others enjoy the day ! Lovely part of the world to ride !
  • You'd have to say they were part of the British Gas Bike Challenge as detailed here: