What Garmin do I want?



  • baldwin471 wrote:
    Ordered the 800, coming tomorrow. Went for the pack with Cadence/Speed/HR/Europe maps.

    How is it? and might I ask how much it was? :?:

    I prefer to ride in the sticks and have gone wrong on a couple of routes I therefore am looking at getting navigation device.

    Fantastic. Very helpful. Turn by turn works great when navigating unknown routes. I'd definitely recommend it.
  • diy
    diy Posts: 6,473
    I'd recommend the HR/Cadence option and go with open maps. Saves a bit of cash.

    I have to say though while the 800 is a great bit of kit - it is very buggy.
    - If it powers off during a ride, you corrupt the data 9/10
    - It frequently gets in a twist and reports stupid speeds.
    - Its very fussy with older cadence sensors
    - the usb port is very suseptable to corrosion which will give you the "wrong USB adapter" error and the unit then wont synch via usb. (normally about the time the warranty is up).

    I would suggest getting a screen protector.
    and before anyone wastes £30-50 on the remote power supply, try one of these:
  • I just got one of these, the 705 is discontinued so you're unlikely to get updates in the near future. The 800 has maps which for a directionally challenged person like me is a bonus, however, the planned course colour, purple, is very hard to see and even harder with dark lenses. The are blonde loads of complaints in the garmin forums but nothing has been done. You can change the colour of the trail you have ridden. Because I can't see courses I rarely use mapping. I have yet to find an open source map to compensate.

    I bought a case for protection and used that as a templete to cut up a phone screen protector.

    Did the Go Outdoors price match too.

    I went on to buy a cadence thing too. I tend to monitor this more than anything.
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