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Best app?

bluedoggybluedoggy Posts: 284
edited September 2012 in Road buying advice
What's the best App? Using Strava at the moment but is there anything better?
Wilier cento uno.


  • ShutUpLegsShutUpLegs Posts: 3,522
  • ShutUpLegs wrote:

    I think the mods should implement some sort of punishment system for asking questions that have already been asked A MILLION TIMES BEFORE!
  • My apologies:(
    It's a genuine question and my intention is not to bore and piss fellow cyclists on this very helpful forum. You've all been so helpful. I had no idea it comes up all the time. I will 'dig' further in the future.
    I really would love to know.
    If there is a thread to a link I would very much appreciate it:)
    Wilier cento uno.
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