how much clearance for full mudguards?

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Its getting to that time of year where I'm thinking of mudguards (depressing I know!) I've had sks race guards fitted for last couple of years but not really happy with them as they seem to get knocked out of position easily and dont seem to offer that much protection. I think the positioning is due to the odd shape of my rear stays and forks - bike is a ridley triton and stays are carbon with as sort of triangular cross section.

Anyway, I'm looking at maybe trying to fit some full length guards with p clips as these should stay in place better, but how much clearance do I need, or should I just go for something like the crud raceguards instead? I'm worried about rub etc but most people seem to get on fine with the cruds with no rub or anything. guards will be semi-permanent so not bothered about quick removal or anything


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    no one any ideas?

    well i've measured clearance and rear is about 5mm and front is 4mm, so I suspect i'll need to go the crud route
  • I'd have thought, as a rule of thumb, if the bike doesn't have eyelets for mudguards it wouldn't have the clearance either. The Cruds are surprisingly good, though.

  • I believe that if you can get a 4mm allen key in between the tyre and the brakes then the Cruds will fit. I getting some given off a fellow cycle club member for a coffee and some cake. Hope they fit on my Bianchi!
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