How to remove tyre decals

Paul Gannon
Paul Gannon Posts: 24
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So I've a new set of carbon rims, my mate generously gave me a set of Bontranger R3 tyres to put on them.

I'm going for the old 'stealth look' so I want to remove the Bontranger blurb from the sidewalls of the tyres.

Anyone got any idea what the most effective / non destructive way to go about this would be?


  • estampida
    estampida Posts: 1,008
    sticky tape

    maybe a bit of scotchbrite to break up the transfer
  • Something like Carplan tyre black paint will do what you want. I have used it on Specialized Roubaix tyre branding without any problems.

  • munzy
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    If they are decals/stickers then heat them with a hairdryer then they should peel off easy.
  • Thanks lads!