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Ankle aches with clipless pedals

karelkarel Posts: 24
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Firstly thanks for people telling me to stick with clipless pedals as I am getting more used to them after around 10 attempts. The only thing is my right ankle aches a little when riding, the seat was a little low and I have adjusted that but still it aches. I moved the cleat a little more towards the ball of my big toe yesterday and maybe this helped and my ankle still ached because of past mistakes.

The question is what can cause this? The pedals have a lot of give so movement is fine.



  • might be worth going to your local (decent) bike shop and getting your cleats aligned properly
  • Am no expert, but a good suggestion I spotted when I set mine up was to do with the angle of the cleats to the straight ahead.

    The advice said: sit on a table with your legs hanging over the edge (not touching the floor), and look at the angle of your feet from the straight ahead.

    Then adjust your cleats to give your shoes (and therefore feet!) the same sort of angle when clipped in.

    I'm sure there will be much more advice along shortly, but I guess it makes sense that if you're 'forcing' your feet to an angle they do not normally hold, then you will be stressing your ankles.

    And yes, the ball of your foot (the big toe bone/lump on the side defines this) should be in line with the pedal axle.
  • karelkarel Posts: 24
    Ill try the straight ahead technique as I went out yesterday after a break of 5 days and again the same thing, my right ankle really ached. As soon as I got off the bike and walked around it was fine, which makes me think it is not sprained in anyway and is soley down to the cycling. My left foot is fine. The bike shop maybe an option as it's really putting me off going out as its not enjoyable and its just as I am getting used to clipping in and out :(
  • Peddle Up!Peddle Up! Posts: 2,040
    A common mistake is to setup both shoes the same. I got some useful insight riding the "pub bike" which has flats, and looking down (careful there :) ) noticed that my left foot "toes out" slightly more than my right.
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  • karelkarel Posts: 24
    I would try and adjust, but don't really know what im looking for

    What do the bike shops do to get it right? One thing suggested is movng the cleat left or right as the only thing I have tried is backwards and forwards. Ill keep trying as I don't want to go back to normal pedals, but may have no choice as the rides have been short so far and I wanted to really test myself once the fitness improved.
  • I would loosen the cleats on the shoes very slightly - just so you CAN move them with some force (preferably rotationally only, not back to front) and go cycle around somewhere safe for a few mins. See if one of your feet has 'naturally' turned a cleat slightly. If so, nip it up tight again and see how you get on.

    As one person says here, both feet are not necessarily the same and you may need one toed out more than the other.
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