Wheel trusting costs?

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Just got my bike back with newly tried rear wheel. Cost was £30.

I didn't get a quote in advance as I thought it was a cheap job.

Does that sound a lot to you or is it just me?

It wasn't far out of true and is open pro rim on hope pro3 hubs if that makes a difference.


  • Sounds expensive. My LBS charges £8 I think?
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  • vs4b
    vs4b Posts: 257
    I was expecting 10 or perhaps 15 as they also trimmed the brakes ( which I didn't ask for) hmmm won't be going back there for repairs again...
  • getprg
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    I paid a tenner last time for a 32 spoke rear wheel.

    FWIW - Perversely I've been told by a very skilled and trustworthy mechanic (a club mate) that "lighter" wheels with fewer spokes can be "b
    rs" to true - to the extent that their shop is either turning them away or expressing caveats before accepting them for truing.

    Obviously don't know what category your wheel falls into but 30 notes sounds a lot either way.
  • bigpikle
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    got mine done at a very reputable LBS including a new spoke for about £12...
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  • vs4b
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    32 spokes so no issues. I'm rather disappointed that I was so shocked I just paid for it and also as I'm in the shop often and feel ivebeen done over. I think and go and discuss I tomorrow even if just to say I won't be spending any more money there.
  • Mike39496
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    Both done at my LBS for £10
  • lakeland
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    Look on the bright side, it's only cost yo about £15 to ind out they're overpriced and possibly taking advantage. This info could save you much more in future repair bills
  • godders1
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    Most I've paid was £25 for a wheel that was pretty badly out of whack. For a slight true I pay £10.