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Motorola Motoactv advice

chris_basschris_bass Posts: 4,913
edited December 2012 in Road buying advice

My garmin edge 500 is in need of replacing and i was looking at the motorola motoactv and wondered if anyone had one or had any experience with them?

they always looked quite good but at £250 seemed way too pricey but its now about £125 on amazon so seems a bit of a better deal! - a site for sore eyes


  • springtide9springtide9 Posts: 1,731
    A question... has your 500 given up and you are now looking for an alternative?

    The Motoactv does look interesting, but what would worry me is that you'd be stuck with having to only use the Motorola software with no option to look at your data via Strava, Ride With GPS, etc.
    As this is their first fitness product and now that Google has taken over Motorola, my question would be is whether Motorola/Google have any intentions of following up with another product or will this product get canned/cancelled.
  • calmx5calmx5 Posts: 230
    Stick with the 500 - if its too broken, buy another or upgrade to an edge 800.
  • chris_basschris_bass Posts: 4,913
    thats a good point, i hadnt thought of the google moto merger.

    the screen is very cracked and its going to cost about £60 to get it fixed so thought may as well spend a bit more and get a new device.

    i might hang on a bit and hopefully Garmin will release the edge 900 and if it looks good will go for that or if not the 800 should be cheaper and get that instead! - a site for sore eyes
  • p1tsep1tse Posts: 694
    Digging up an old thread, but anyone got one of these?

    I haven't a cycle computer and looking at options.
    A basic cycle computer would do to be fair, such as showing average speed, current speed, time, distance, but would prefer GPS.

    Some places these are close to Garmin Edge 200 money, but offers more options.

    Thoughts or too much of a gamble (waist of money)?
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  • p1tsep1tse Posts: 694
    It does look quite smart though: ... h-12-45983

    but will i get it and it be slow, buggy, poor battery and think should have gone for garmin edge 200 or even 500 (if saved and waited a bit longer)
    Wanted: Cube Streamer/Agree GTC Compact / Pro/ Race : 53cm
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