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swabesswabes Posts: 5
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hi, i am starting to ride again after 20 years,i am now 50 and would like to know if there are any good training programmes for older beginners on road bikes to get your fitness going in the right direction,any help would be appreciated thanks


  • mikeabanksmikeabanks Posts: 116
    Just get out and ride :-)

    You will surprised how quickly you fitness will increase without any training programme.
  • Yep, just get out and have fun.
    You don't say if you are otherwise fit. If this is the first exercise you have done for a while, then general stretching is good. If you have good all round fitness, then you probably know that you should listen to your body and not push it too hard at first.
    Ecrasez l’infame
  • I came across the following link on this forum. ... uide_2.pdf
  • thanks for the advice everyone,always kept reasonably fit playing football and cricket and abit of golf but the first two not possible now so will just get out and ride,and thanks for the link from the gooner from a spurs fan
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