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Looking for rides around worksop area

CogslyCogsly Posts: 13
edited September 2012 in Routes
Hi all. I just wondered if anyone knew of any good rides around worksop area. Ive been using the local wood trails nr my house but they are quite short and i wanted something longer than a few km.
Loving the new bike and the new me i must admit.
thx in advance


  • andhrandhr Posts: 88
    Sherwood Pines isn't too far away, there's a 10(ish)km trail there.

    What're you looking for? Ups and downs? Steady jaunt around with some fun bits?

    Clumber Park isn't too bad - there's some good bits off the beaten track. Depends if you have some transport to take your bike or if you're riding there. Gimme a shout, or PM - I live at the Worksop end of Rotherham and know a few bits.
  • Yeh i have transport bud and thx for the reply. Im looking into getting into the trail riding stuff but im a complete novice. Bought a new bike the other week (scott aspect 20) and already im bit by the bug like hell. Im already upgrading the bike for darns sake ( pedals and gel seat..that first saddle sore is a censored ). Am still waiting for tool kit and spare inner tubes to arrive but that should be either today or monday.

    So i wanna get into it gently. The sherwood pines thing sounds like fun and 10k is a nice number. Might try and sneak of on sunday afternoon and check it out. Are the routes marked clearly? And what skill level does sherwood pines accomodate? Maybe clumber would be a better start?

    Ive got a few friends who do the peak district runs regular but i wanna get some miles under the belt and a proper feel for the bike before i disgrace myself there!

    Thx in advance and for your reply bud.
  • andhrandhr Posts: 88
    Hopefully you get this before Sunday!

    Sherwood Pines has a few routes, reasonably marked but lacking in a couple of places.

    The Red Route (Kitchener Trail) (it's actually 9.8 miles too) is their highest skill level trail, but they do have a Bike Park just off this too with some jumps and drops and other really exciting crash-inducing stuff (from a downhill newbies perspective). The red route in general is ok, nothing too taxing if you can handle your bike (some fairly quick descents with turns and a few tree stumps to watch out for), you can also cut it short pretty regularly be turning onto the wider routes (blue or green), which the red one crosses.

    It's a bit damp (been today), you'll get muddy, but it's fun.

    Just remember, you'll have to get off the seat and lean your weight over the back wheel a bit; so that gel saddle only comes in handy on the nice bits :-P

    Clumber Park has a bike trail which is easy and follows the perimeter, very well marked, if you deviate off this there are some more interesting paths around, and if you get lost just go in a straight line until you find a road or some people (both are fairly common).

    I've not progressed to the Peak District yet, so perhaps I'll join you so we can both feel like tools, eh? :-)
  • So i went to sherwood what a place. Decided to do the intermediate route which was 6k i think. For a beginner and first time using cleats i think i did ok. i didnt stop once and didnt bail (close on the bit with the stump in the middle though) and totaly enjoyed the whole thing. Looking forward to the red route nxt outing. Not keen on the saddle sore though. left butt cheek is a tad tendor and i think i got bit by a horsefly cos i have a bite the size of a fifty pence lol. Damn fine spot is sherwood. I totaly recomend it.
    Wife went back today with the kids for a woodland walk and got the year long pass with free parking..happy days.
  • andhrandhr Posts: 88
    Have a look at getting some padded undershorts, I have some endura ones, not very cheap but pretty comfortable.
  • been up there today bud. Red route was nice and not to worrying for a new rider. I even found myself trying to be a smart censored in places. Im sure that will end in tears at speed lol. Got me a gel seat cover and the saddle sore seems better. Think i now need some better grips as my hands where murder when id done.
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