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To keep or get rid of Bontrager XR3, 29x2.1"

OecksmiffyOecksmiffy Posts: 4
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Hi folks,
I'm new to mountain biking, but been a keen road cyclist for some years.
The thing is, my partner would like me to go out on a jolly little rides out. So any excuse for me to get yet another bike :D
So I got what I think is a entry level kinder bike Trek Cobia 2012 with these Bontrager XR3, 29x2.1". But! I keep hearing bad reviews about them. So do I keep or not is the question???
I don't think I'll be doing anything to mad on it, but who knows??
I've already changed the Hayes Dymo Comp brake for Shimano SLX M666.

Any kind of feed back would be helpful

Cheers Jay


  • Greer_Greer_ Posts: 1,716
    Have you found anything wrong with them?
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    I can understand basing decisions pre-purchase on reviews but if you already have the item just use it. See for yourself. Maybe the reviewers were riding different types of trails and/or conditions were different to yours. Maybe they're just plain wrong or idiots..who knows

    Test 'em yourself and maybe your experience will be different from what you've read and you can write your own review..?
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    I've got one the back of my race bike, its the team version, dont know if that's any different...good fast rolling tyre with a bit of grip.... not a lot of grip when its muddy but adequate for the rear end, I don't worry too much if the rear wanders a bit as long as the front is planted.

    I have run one on the front when its dry and its fine, don't bother when it gets muddy, they are good lightweight tyres in the right conditions, not a lot of volume though so if you are riding rough terrain and trail centre type stuff regularly might be an idea to change them.
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  • Cheers people,
    I'll try them out. I'm a always edging on the caution, when it comes to brakes and wheels. And I don't want to be whooped by a girl, lol.

    Cheers people
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