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This guy ... 1438.l2649

this i phone dose not work its in good condition but will not tern on and wont chargeso you cud be getting a great buy ore a bad buy that means how mutch it will cost you to fix it model is a1322 there is no charger just i phone4 s 64 gig phone whate dosernt work dont have money ore time to fix it there is no refunds ore reterns on phone so what you get is what you buy as i said its in good condition but dosernrt work dont no whay my son has done to it it is unblocked he said hapy bidding ime oppen to offers ive lucked in side phone it all lucks fine i dont no whats wrong with it its a risk but cude bee a good one it might cost hardley enything to fix it,it might cost quiet a bit to fix it dont no its the risk to whoever buys it,everything what i said about phone is what it is good condition but dosernt work good luck,ps i have tacken the back off the phone to check it out can not see enything wrong but what due i no,the tray were you put sim card i fink is broke
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