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'Thicker' padding for Helmet?

bluedoggybluedoggy Posts: 284
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I was wondering if there is any tips on adding extra thicker padding for helmets? Mine is just a tad loose. Not dangerously loose.
I herd you could wear a sweat band for example?
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  • notnotnotnot Posts: 284
    I've ridden with a skullcap tight thing in winter (can't remember the proper name) under my helmet to keep warm, which added a little more padding. I don't know that anyone has actually looked at whether extra padding affects how well helmets work, but don't see why you couldn't wear a sweat band or similar.
  • Probably an obvious answer, but how about a smaller helmet? I've just bought a Specialized Echelon helmet which is made in small, medium and large. Plus the standard adjustments one of them would be perfect. Costs about £50.
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