What Wheels

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My son (14) is a bit too fond of his tailwhips (he actually can't now jump in a straight line!), and as a result, the rear wheel in particular is in a bit of a sorry state! Have been doing my best to get it re-aligned after his every ride for a few months now, but the rim has a flat spot and the wheel is paggered! Need to get a good, cheap, strong, but not too heavy wheel (possibly wheelset) for the right price ... budget would be £50-£70 max, prefereably less if I were just to get the rear wheel.

Bike is a 2008 GT Avalanche (2.0, I think) - 8 speed, Hydro disc brakes, standard QR skewer.

Riding - mixture of xc and jumps on local trails - nothing too silly, but would regularly do 2 ft drops

Any suggestions?