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Ok so having snapped my ultegra 6700 chain this morning I'm keen to know what others ride as I need a new one.

I've used SRAM with their powerlink on my MTB are they any good in road variants? Any other suggestions?



  • ic.
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    I Use 7900 dura ace with kmc link (which can be a pain, but not after you've invested in remover pliers).

    I'd recommend it anyday

    ps, dirt cheap on ebay
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    For me it has to be the KMC chains. My preference is for the X10L (or now X9Ls as I have sold my one 10 speed so have just three 9 speed road bikes) but the X10SL is slightly less weight for a few quid more if you want to spend the extra. Personally, I don't mind the weight penalty given the difference in money.

    The chains come with a Missing Link included for easy cleaning, etc. As above though, the pliers don't half make undoing the chain easier. Powerlinks for 10 speeds can only be used once.
  • shinsplint
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    I also snapped my Ultegra chain recently, and went for a KMC X10L, easy enough to fit and remove, which is so much better for cleaning ! Can't fault it so far, runs just as smooth as the Shimano if not smoother.
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    I replaced my dura ace chain with a kmc x10sl. It has lasted much longer than I have any reason to expect and it remains remarkably smooth in action compared with a sram chain on another bike. No problem recommending them to you.