white bar tape that can be kept clean

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Does it exist? Is there anything which does a better job of staying clean than others? I've just got my new supersix which is Great but the white tape is going to be a nightmare. Before you all suggest black I know that's an option but I'm curious!


  • Tom Dean
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    Fizik microtex.
  • rolf_f
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    Fizik Microtex - still more of a pain than black though.....
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  • I gave up and went blue
  • Gizmo_
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    Team colours?

    You need the Bontrager green tape for that. :D

    (I have the same problem).
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  • seanorawe
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    Man up and go with no tape 8)
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  • Monty Dog
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    +1 Fizik Microtex - household cleaning spray like Mr Muscle and a scrubbing brush will bring it up gleaming again. I'd hung up my race bike over the winter with the bars down not aware that a drinks bottle had dribbled all over the tape - by Spring it was festering green. Spray and a scrub and it was ready to go again.
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  • rob13
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    Excellent sounds like a resounding vote for the fizik stuff. If I do fancy team green (not sure how that would look) then bontrager it is.
  • the vanish ox spray thing works wonders on the tape
    Sorry its not me it's the bike ;o)

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  • rolf_f
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    the vanish ox spray thing works wonders on the tape

    I really could do with some of that stuff right now. There's a herd of buffalo in my living room and they are making way too much noise.
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