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Picked Up New Bike Today

TommyDicksonTommyDickson Posts: 18
edited August 2012 in Road beginners
Finally picked up my new road bike today, a Focus Variado 2. Its done nothing but p*** down with rain since.

Managed about 7 miles tonight as a small test ride, which was enjoyable and completely different to my Trek mountain bike. Not nearly as comfortable, you really do feel the bumps so much more. Brakes are nowhere near as good as the disc brakes on the mountain bike either. Shouldn't be too difficult to adapt to though.

Today was also my first experience of using clipless pedals and shoes with cleats. Happy to say i havent fallen off.......yet. Think i need to perfect my technique/setup though, as i didn't feel the benefits of being clipped in as much as i thought i might. Anything i should know with regards to setting up the cleats?

All in all, a happy bunny.


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