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Hi another newbie

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Got my first bike in may and very quickly got hooked....
Got my road bike about a month ago and loving every minute of it and enjoying all the challenges of learning a new hobby :D
Only done around 500 miles due to work etc but now own lycra.... Put my spds on the bike today and survived my first trip out!
One of my customers owns a LBS and I'm sure he's sick of my questions every time I call in!
Picked up lots of great advice whilst lurking around and thought it was time to join and share all my questions with you guys!


  • Welcome..
  • kentphilkentphil Posts: 479
    +1 Welcome!
    1998 Kona Cindercone in singlespeed commute spec
    2013 Cannondale Caadx 1x10
    2004 Giant TCR
  • fnb1fnb1 Posts: 591
    welcome to our church. wher ein the country are you?
    fay ce que voudres
  • #david2012#david2012 Posts: 275
    I'm living on warwickshire / Northants boarder, nr Daventry some great countryside routes which I'm currently exploring!
  • Syd_65Syd_65 Posts: 21
    Nice part of the world! Welcome!
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