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New to Road bike - Hi

964rh964rh Posts: 72
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Just thought I'd say hello as I'm new to this road biking lark after dabbling in MTB for the past couple of years.

Took delivery of my Kuoto Korsa last week, bought on a little bit of a whim while the other half was having a fit on her Trek.

Decided to get a road bike after trying to keep up with her on my mtb (which didn't happen that often) and because I've had to give up on my marathon running due to dodgy biomechanics.

First impressions are that I could actually enjoy road riding due to the extra speed and sharper handling compared to the mtb, having never really enjoyed taking the mtb on the road. First few rides have been really good, difference is chalk and cheese.

Still in the precious period where I like the bike clean but that'll wear off shortly so I'm hoping to start using for my commute rather than the car.

Anyways - Hello!



  • Welcome to the forum Rob.

    Like you I started biking with a mountain bike, but that is now reserved for biking off road.
  • crescentcrescent Posts: 1,088
    I hired a Kuota Korsa on holiday in Mallorca this year. Very nice bike, well impressed with it. Enjoy :D
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