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A change of wheels...

tom_g92tom_g92 Posts: 25
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Hi all.

I am currently riding around on a set of shimano rs10's. As good as they look, the build quality appears terrible. I weigh around 86kg and these wheels seem to become untrue every 100 miles that I ride.

I have therefore decided to purchase a new set of hopefully more reliable wheels, and I would like your opinions on which of the following is the best wheel with the best value.

Mavic Aksium - £150
Mavic Cosmic Elite- about £300
Fulcrum 5's- around £200

I would appreciate opinions on all wheel sets listed, also any other suggestions are welcome. Ideally i would prefer to stay below £250, but would stretch for quality.

Thank you.


  • ugo.santaluciaugo.santalucia Posts: 28,025
    If you are after reliable, I think it is hard to better these


    They typically run without any problem. If a problem occurred, it can be fixed with cheap and available spares... They are also lighter and with far better hubs and bearings than your shimano
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