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Rat Race Scotland Coast 2 Coast 1 Day Racer

chemdogchemdog Posts: 31
edited August 2012 in XC and Enduro
Hope this is the right forum to record this under, it doesnt quite fit in with the classified ads -ta

Entered this long before I completely changed my training programme, one of you Fred Whitton elite level, hardcore, lost 17 stone by riding a bike, awesome regularly cycling folks might just be interested in it...

its the Scotland Coast to Coast, by Rat Race. I've done Rat Race events before and was sent a flyer as a promo, it later appeared as a sponsored ad on my facebook before I entered it, about 12 months ago for a £141. Plenty time to train, easy. However times have moved on and I havent trained so I'm now looking to sell on my place for the race. Its transferrable until 14 clear days before so really by the 1st September last sale date.

Details of whats included are here -

Essentially its a mad adventure race, would be a good laugh but you need to be fit - kayak is provided.

The stage lengths are as follows:
•Trek/Run - 7 miles (5 miles off-road)
•Road Cycle - 48 miles
•Mini Kayak & Run - 2 miles max
•Off-Road & Road Cycle - 33 miles (16 miles off-road)
•Trek/Run - 14 miles (12 miles off-road)
•Kayak - 1 mile
•Short run to finish line
•TOTAL JOURNEY - 105 miles

Friday Sep 14th
•Registration 1200 – 2200 (Nairn)
•Bag Drop 1600 - 2200 (at registration)
•Bike Drop open 1200 – 2230 (Cawdor Castle)

Saturday Sep 15th
•Bag Drop 0600 (at registration)
•Briefing 0615 (at the start)
•Start 0630 (Nairn)
•Finish From 1600 – 2000 (Glencoe)
•Post Race Party 2000 – late! (Glencoe)

£100 ovno


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