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Wooooo i have a new hobby

PlymouthSamPlymouthSam Posts: 64
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Hi guys, bought my first road bike yesterday. A scott speedster s55, i used to ride XC but was fed up of roadie's shooting past me on my commute to work. I stopped riding a few years ago but with fuel prices on the increase and owning a focus ST ( terrible on fuel ) i decided to get a roadie and commute more often.

Im learning quite a lot already, albeit very different to XC, all the etiquette is new to me also lol

Anyone from plymouth on here ?
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  • Just above you near Yelverton-just don't forget to save some money for the inevitable purchases that will result to pursue your new hobby! Shoes, bib shorts etc etc etc. I said I would never wear Lycra and now have a drawer full!
  • Mikey23Mikey23 Posts: 5,306
    Hello from launceston
  • ShutUpLegsShutUpLegs Posts: 3,522
    What colour ST did you have?
  • I've got a Focus ST too, with the Mountune 260 upgrade ... it certainly likes to drink fuel :D Good fun though, and love the noise of the 5pot - don't think I'd ever get rid no matter what the petrol price was.

    When I took up cycling about 4 months ago I never thought I'd ever try commuting to work, it seemed a really long way at 21 miles each way, taking the short/direct route. I now do it twice a week, most weeks, and now take the long/hilly 35 mile route home if it's a nice evening.
  • Fru T BunnFru T Bunn Posts: 159
    PB is the fastest colour. Everyone knows that.

    ST Mountune 260 + exhaust & 2010 CAAD9 Ultegra
  • Haha boys i too have the fastest colour ST..... performance blue. I think selling the car could well be inevitable now as the Mrs has just told me we could be moving further away from work, and that way i can sell the ally roadie and buy a carbon roadie haha.

    There are 3 provisions to us moving......

    1. I get a dog
    2. The shed is mine, and its a female free zone
    3. I buy a gucci carbon road bike as an upgrade

    Tbh iv only commuted twice on it now as only owned it for 24 hours but i can see myself riding it ALOT more, however feeling every ripple on the road may take some getting used to.

    Do many people on here compete/ triathlons etc ?
    Specialized FSR XC Comp
    Scott Speedster S55
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