New bike

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Looking around for a new bike come next summer; I would like to get into TT's, right now it's mainly road riding.

In that sense I guess what I want is a bike that would get me the best of both worlds because I can't get two bikes.

Came across the Cube Aerium Pro - TT designed aluminium frame and comes with clip on aero bars but the frame geometry doesn't look too aggressive and shifters are Ultegra, so when I go road riding I can take the bars off and my back won't kill. Can be had for ~£1500 and comes in at 9.3kg. But here I wonder if they've cut corners on the frame putting Ultegra on for £1500 - and the frame is the main selling point for me.

Either that or a Ribble Stealth + some chinese 50mm Carbon Clinchers at around ~£1600 at ~7.5kg then stick some Profile T2's on later.

I know weight isn't important as it's often made out to be, but still value for money I am edged for the Ribble. My head says Ribble but the heart says Cube - it just looks so nice!!

Currently on stock 2010 Allez with PX Model B's; anyone have these bikes and can comment? Not at the test ride stage , (which will probably decide it really!) just interested to hear people's opinions on these two.