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Bit of a "niche" one this...

With winter just around the corner, I note that my Winston's Brand "Nuclear" heat embro is nearly all gone and that they've also shut up shop... With that, i'm in the market for a super hot embrocation.

Now, I've tried (in the past) Sportsbalm and natures kiss and found them to be mildly warming at best. I need something with more kick. Any suggestions?
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    Tiger balm? You can get red or white, I use the red and it's good stuff
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    Deep Heat works for me, Ralgex if I can't get it (similar effect but different smell).
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  • Rapha +1
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    Hate the brand all you want but the embro is good (so is the 4rse butter).
  • ^ but put the latter on first.
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    The ultimate bad boy is fiery jack. Not easy to buy. Try it and you will see. Just be careful where you put it!
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    Did you try the hot version of Sportsbalm? I used Medium strength last winter and it was only mildly warming, unless the sun came out!
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