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Inner tube help

Wardy7Wardy7 Posts: 22
edited August 2012 in MTB beginners
I've managed to tear my inner tube at the Presta by getting my pump jammed on to the value. Anywa, I now need a new inner tube, the current on I've taken off is a 26 x 1.9/2.125 (Captain tyres 26x2.0)

I was after getting out on my bike today so I've looked on the Halfords site ( ... levance||0 ) and can't spot any along that exact size, will any of the other one slisted be OK to use or am I just going to have to order online instead?

Sorry for the very basic question!

Edit, I think I've been a bit stupid and figured it now:
Does the 1.9/2.125 mean an inner tube this size would fit OK? ... resta.html


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