Training bike for a mountain biker

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Evening all

I'm after a bit of advice please. I'm a mountain biker looking for a road bike for training (in the summer), and most likely it'll be my main bike in the winter (there's only so many cold muddy rides I can take...). Has anyone got any general pointers on where to look? I've noticed a few people refer to 'winter training' bikes, do you guys tend to run different bikes in the winter??



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    Dont worry about "winter" "summer" bikes basically "winter" bikes are good value metal framed bikes and summer are the carbon framed fancy ones which you dont "really" need anyway inless racing but most have since they have the money anyway (lets not open that can of worms gents!) if your looking for a road bike just get yourself a good value second hand road bike. my main bike is a specialised allex sport. £300 second hand and works more than well enough for summer racing as well as "winter" work so its a win win. so just do that really.

    as for cold muddy rides, road bike is somtimes just as bad in my experience. with standing water in the road you just get covered head to toe as you would on the mtb the only diffrence is the mud. all i can say is invest in some good water proofs and thermals for both disaplins really. overshoes waterproof socks gloves shorts etc.

    good luck!