Any CAAD 8 Owners ?

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Hi ,
I am looking at buying my first road bike and the CAAD 8 on sale at Pauls Cycles has caught my eye. I have test ridden both a 54 and 56 and feel that I am stuck somewhere between the two sizes ( I am 5ft 10 and 32" cycling inseam). The bike shop has suggested that either bike could be tailored to fit but I am leaning towards the smaller 54 frame with a slightly longer stem as the 56 just felt a little too stretched out with the stock stem. To get a better idea, and put my mind at rest before I buy it , can any CAAD owners tell me how tall they are and what size frame they ride.



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    Hi, I've literally just bought a caad 8 105 in the last few weeks. I'm 6'1" and according to the cannondale geometry chart I should have been looking at a 58 but it was definitely just a bit too long in the top tube. I went for a 56 and it feels good so far. If needed I will go for a slightly longer stem. I don't like short stems on road bikes anyway as it feels twitchy enough compared to my mtb.
  • Hi, I bought the 2011 CAAD8 from Pauls cycles about five months ago, I'm 6 feet tall 32" cycling inseam. I bought the 56cm and am very happy with the fit. I also looked at the 54cm but with the stock stem I felt better on the 56cm and being a child of the 70s liked the look of less seat post showing :D
  • Hi I bought the Caad 10 105 54cm 2 months ago. I'm 5'11 with a 32" inside leg and at first thought it was a bit small for me compared to my specialized secteur 56cm but after 700 miles I love it, glad i went for the smaller frame
  • Hi, i'm 5'11'' with 32" inside leg and have the CAAD8 56" frame and am very happy with it. I did initially think it may be a bit too big but it felt very similar to a trek 56" frame that I test rode and I had a good test ride on the bike before purchasing (I would recommend a test ride to see how the bike feels). No real problems to speak of but I do have long arms so the that may make a difference??
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    Thanks for the replies so far. Ben what size is the stock stem size on your 56cm ? and Scottyboy have you put a longer stem on the 54cm ?. Another daft question but another thing that is confusing me is the so called rule that the front hub should be obscured when on the hoods. When I test rode both bikes it was hidden on the smaller frame and a bit behind on the 56. Can you guys see your front hub when on the hoods or is this rule useless on bike sizing.

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    6' 1''. I have a 58cm frame.
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    I got measured up for a Rourkie frame, and they sat me on a CAAD 8. I'm 5' 9" with longer legs, and the 54cm frame is what my Rourkie is based on (54.5cm top tube). Suggest you'd be better off with the 54.
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    6ft 3 and I have the 61 Caad 8
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    Yup. 2010 CAAD8. 5ft8" with 29.5" inside leg. I have the 54 frame - properly fitted on purchase and has served me many miles without adjustment. Perfect fit.
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    I'm about the same height and inseam as the OP and bought a caad8 105 earlier this month, I'm still bedding the fit in, but it's micro adjustments rather than wholescale changes. The frame is just about right.
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    I'm 6ft and ride a 56cm CAAD9, I'd say go for the 54, especially for a first bike
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  • Stem length is 114 mm (2012 CAAD8 Tiagra) : )
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    Stem length is 114 mm (2012 CAAD8 Tiagra) : )
    Is that centre to centre or end to end?

    I also have the '12 CAAD8 Tiagra; 5'9" and 31" leg and ride a 54cm very comfortably.
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    I'm 5'10, leg 31" and went for the 54cm, which is fine. 56 was definitely too stretched out for me. I'd point out that I don't have much seatpost showing, so depends on how much stuff you want to hang off it. I've got a clip-on mudguard, rear light and the reflector that came with the bike. That uses up the entire visible length, which means there's no room for a saddle bag. When I had the saddle higher, I got pain in the knee. Of course, YMMV.

    But it's a lovely, lovely bike.
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