HELP! Specialized Headset upgrade?

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I ride a Specialized Allez Sport 2010, The head set has been bothering me as it hasn't felt smooth for quite a while. When I Knocked forks out the bearings flew everywhere! Headset was in a bad way, bearings where really badly corroded (some broken) and cups are pitted.
I'm finding it hard to get any information whether i can replace these loose bearings with a intergrated headset like a Cane Creak. I hear that Specialized bike headsets are a bit awkward and it's not straight forward to upgrade?

Can anybody help me I can't be the only one who wants to upgrade those original headsets. (As they're so poor).
I could do with knowing how you got around this and what my options are?



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    Headsets do need servicing at least once a year. More if you are riding the bike in the winter, in rain and muck with no mudguards ( Allez don't usually have mudguards )

    Your headset falling to bits might just be because it wasn't adequately serviced. Take it to a Specialized dealer and get them to fit a new headset. Then find out how to check it and repack it with grease yourself.
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    It does not need a specialised dealer to replace the headset unless it is something propritaory. Most bike can use something made by FSA or cranecreek though. -wheel building and other stuff.
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